Jim Gales, Owner & PMP

Jim Gales, the founder of Gales Design & Consulting, has over three decades of experience in both the agricultural and construction industries. This unique blend of experience gives Jim insight into all aspects of an agricultural construction or expansion project but also allows him to see things from the perspective of a project owner.

Jim started Gales Design & Consulting in 2016 as a part-time business, offering owners representative services to agricultural businesses. He has managed over a billion dollars in construction in over twenty states. Jim’s methodical and efficient process has made him the go-to for many major companies. Clients of Gales Design & Consulting also appreciate the personal focus Jim brings to each and every project. When you hire Gales Design & Consulting, you’ll be dealing directly with Jim, not some faceless representative of a too-large company that doesn’t really have time to focus on your needs.

Jim’s past experience includes more than twenty years in Agricultural Cooperative Executive Management, where he managed farmers cooperatives, providing the service of grain marketing and supplying agronomy and energy products. Jim also worked for over 15 years for a multi-national agricultural company.  He still continues to improve and streamline the construction process. Jim has become known with for his expertise in the design and construction of grain and agronomy facilities.