Why Work With Us?

At first glance a new agricultural construction project or expansion might seem like a straightforward process. In reality, construction is actually an incredibly complex business with many moving parts and potential problems. The industry is notorious for its inefficiency, with projects frequently coming in late and over budget. Project owners often bear the brunt of these costly mistakes and delays.

Fortunately, these industry pitfalls can be avoided by using the services of a skilled owners representative. Jim Gales, the owner of Gales Design and Consulting has the foresight, experience and skills to stop the problems on your next agricultural construction project before they even start. Jim will work with you personally to take your next construction project from idea to completion- on time, within budget, and built to the highest standards.

On Time-

Unfortunately, construction projects are frequently delayed by design backlogs, the potentially slow permit approval process, multiple trades trying to coordinate work on site, issues acquiring materials, and even weather. However, Gales Design & Consulting will handle all the advanced planning, scheduling, hiring and coordinating of contractors, permitting, materials acquisition, and even plan for weather delays to ensure that your project follows a realistic, predictable schedule and is completed on time.

Within Budget-

Gales Design & Consulting is always working towards keeping your project within the agreed upon budget. At every stage of the planning and construction process your bottom line will be taken into account. Gales can help you select a cost effective and appropriate site for your project. Jim coordinates with architects, designers, engineers and SME to ensure final designs fit your budget. Gales also has the industry connections you need to ensure competitive bids from quality contractors and vendors. Jim reviews all bids carefully before selecting contractors, checking to make sure the bid covers the full scope of the designed project, which protects against surprise change orders getting tacked on to your final cost. During the construction process Gales provides oversight and coordinates with contractors helping to make your project run smoothly and prevents losses from delays. Gales also takes into account all foreseeable issues that may arise during your project, helping to avoid additional costs.

Built To The Highest Standards-

Gales Design & Construction works only with high quality contractors and vendors to ensure that your project is built to the highest standards. Gales monitors contractors and supplies from offsite, but can also conduct site visits or inspections when requested. We handle punch lists and verify that all projects are completed according to design specifications before turning the project over over to you, the owner.

We Act In The Owners Best Interests, Always-

One of the best things about working with Jim Gales as your owners representative is that he has your best interests as his top priority, always. Some project owners choose to work with only a general contractor to run their project. However, even good general contractors have an obligation to their own company as much as to you. They also may have other projects that they place as a higher priority than yours. This can sometimes lead to increased costs, delays, or cutting corners. When you work with Jim as your owner’s representative, you have an advocate who’s interests align completely with your own, who will be looking out for you in every situation.

We Make Your Project Hassle Free-

Simply put, we handle all the details of your project for you, taking away the frustrations that come with running a construction project. We make the typical construction problems disappear, leaving you with a hassle free construction experience.


The founder of Gales Design & Consulting, Jim Gales, has managed over one billion dollars in construction and has over a decade of experience in the construction industry. Jim specializes specifically in agricultural projects including: grain receiving and storage facilities, grain processing facilities, feedlot expansions and mills, and agricultural equipment dealerships. Jim has the management experience, technical expertise in the agricultural sector, and connections to ensure the success of your project.

Personal Service-

Gales Design & Consulting offers exceptional service and personal, focused attention to each and every client’s project. When looking to hire an owners representative, some project owners initially gravitate towards large multi-national companies thinking they will find the most experienced representatives in that environment. However, in this scenario while you might initially meet with a big name representative, clients are often quickly passed off to a less experienced team member who actually manages your project. When you hire Gales Design & Consulting you get to work directly with Jim Gales, the company owner. With Jim you get the same caliber of experience and skills you find at a large multi-national company, plus the personal service that a big firm is too busy to provide. Jim Gales will be your partner in construction, from dreams to reality.