Our Services

Gales Design & Consulting is a full service construction consultation and management firm offering services through all stages of a construction project, from idea to completion.

Gales Design & Consulting will manage:

  • Concept Development
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Risk Management
  • Site Selection
  • Contracts
  • (Assist With) Permitting
  • Project Design, Including Finding and Coordinating With Architects & Engineers
  • Requesting and Reviewing Bids
  • Hiring Contractors & Vendors
  • Developing and Managing Construction Schedules
  • Managing and Coordination of Contractors and Vendors
  • Ensuring Design Specifications Are Met
  • Punch List Completion
  • Filing Lien Waivers
  • Turnover

The Gales Four Step Construction Process

Step 1: Project Planning- The project planning phase of your agricultural construction project will start with a site survey and current facility assessment (if applicable). We will then have a detailed discussion about your new construction project and/or expansion needs. From there Gales will develop a detailed budget and realistic timeline for your project. If you already have a target budget in mind, Jim will advise you on how to best align your project scope and timeline with your desired budget.

Step 2: Procurement- During the next step of the process, Gales will direct the work of professionals to develop your custom project requirements. Professional Land Surveyors, Engineers, and Subject Matter Experts all may contribute to your project as needed. The work completed during this stage of the process will help secure competitive bids from contractors. Once the project requirements are fully developed Gales will request bids from high quality contractors. Gales will review all the bids and compare them with your project’s budget and schedule, to ensure that only contractors who are the right fit for your project are hired.

Step 3: Hire The Right Professionals- Once the right contractors for your project have been selected, Gales will help you enter into agreements with the contractors who will build your project. Gales will facilitate discussions between the owner and contractors about project scope, schedules and down time, budget requirements, project testing, and any other owner concerns before the construction phase of the project begins.

Step 4: Construction- Gales will manage each detail of the construction phase, all the way from pre-construction to project completion. Gales will makes sure that all contractors and vendors are coordinated, helping your project progress efficiently. Quality control is also a big part of this phase, Gales will monitor for compliance with design specifications and conduct site visits as requested. Regular update meetings with both you the project owner, and all contractors will be held, ensuring project concerns are addressed and resolved promptly. As your project wraps up Gales will make sure the punch list is fully completed, lien waivers are filed, and final build drawings are submitted. Jim will turn the facility over to you ready for operations.